By Member Robert Kiser
December 4, 2018

The holiday season is a time where fire safety is extremely important. Decorations, extension cords, live trees and garland, candles, strings of lights, and holiday cooking greatly increase the risk for residential fires. The Williston Fire Department has initiated the “Keep The Wreath Green” program to help remind residents to practice fire safety, and to really be mindful of potential fire hazards and risks during the holiday season.

Each fire station in Williston has a wreath displayed with green lights. One green bulb on the wreath will be replaced by a red bulb for every structure fire that occurs during the holiday season. This initiative will last from December 1st through December 31st and serve as a reminder to be fire safe during this wonderful holiday season. Help us keep the wreath green!

Fire Safety Tips for Live Trees:

- When purchasing a tree, look to make sure it looks and feels fresh. Needles shouldn’t fall off easily, and should be easy to bend with your finger. Fresh trees are less likely to catch fire. (An even better option is a UL listed artificial tree that is “flame resistant/retardant)
- Take note of where you plan to display your tree. Keep them away from heaters, candles, fireplaces, or any other heat source.
- Water your tree each day.
- Only use UL listed string lights and illuminated decorations, and discard any damaged lights.
- Bedtime? Leaving the home? Lights off! Don’t forget to turn your lights and decorations off each night and when you are unable to supervise them.
- Remove trees and live decorations from the home soon after the holidays - the longer they sit, the drier they get.